Uvarovite Druzy Ring


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This gorgeous ring has a gold plated adjustable base, with 2 amazing druzy cabs. Size 8.5. One of a kind. Here’s a little info from minerals.net-


Uvarovite is a rare member of the Garnet group that is consistently deep green in color. Its most widespread habit is as lustrous, tiny, emerald-green crystals densely coating a matrix. Uvarovite is the only true chromium Garnet; other forms of Garnet such as Andradite and Grossular may have a deep green color due to chromium impurities and can sometimes be mistakenly labeled as Uvarovite. Uvarovite was first discovered in 1832 by Germain Henri Hess, who named the new mineral after Count Sergei Semenovitch Uvarov (1765-1855), a Russian statesman and mineral collector.


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